Saturday, 20 September 2014


Gut Reaction - Just saw it and wanted to write something down!

Just picked this up from TED ED. I enjoyed it and thought it would be useful! It made we wonder though about using simple examples to explain complex ideas. Will not most people watch this and say - 'I don't need an algorithm for that?' An example that showed how an algorithm worked to do something more complex might be more convincing. Don't we do this all the time in Maths classes? Take things people understand, then explain them in a different, more complex way, so as to demonstrate a method that will be more useful for more complex problems, even though the method is cumbersome and inefficient for the example we use.

I am sure there must be research on this so i will look for it now, but I have a feeling that I want, more often to show the power of a tool during its initial demonstration so that it answers a really difficult question straight away, rather than one we had already answered much more efficiently......

At least I know what I am thinking about!

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